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8 Milestones An Entrepreneur Should Celebrate

- min read By Preetham Paravatm

27 December, 2019

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Entrepreneurship is no easy feat. It takes a whole lot of passion, courage and willpower to go out there and start up your own business. Any entrepreneur who takes the plunge should be proud of their accomplishments no matter how small they may think they are. The important thing is to keep an eye on the big picture and keep in mind the main takeaways from each one of your successes or mistakes. Celebrate all your wins, no matter big or small.


Below are 8 stages during your entrepreneurial journey that you should wholeheartedly revel in and be proud for achieving (or being on the road to achieving) them!

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1. Quitting your regular job

Many entrepreneurs start their journey or get their ‘eureka’ moment while working in a day job. One of the proudest moments for such entrepreneurs is working up the courage to finally walk away and focus on their venture. That usually means that they have worked things out to the extent that they know they can have their ‘side hustle’ as their sole career. That moment means a lot!

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2. Getting past failures

When you launch any business, mistakes come as part of the package. It’s important to learn from these mistakes and come back stronger. So if you have overcome a big failure, or have just decided to doggedly march on without giving up, well then, that moment should also be celebrated.

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3. Seeing your product in action

Just simply seeing your product featured somewhere online or coming across a website which uses your product can help you realize how much your business is helping people. You should take tremendous pride whenever this happens, when you see your product in action with your own eyes.

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4. Making a profit

It entrepreneur general knowledge that no start up makes money during the first few years of operation. So when you finally start making more money than you are spending, it’s a euphoric feeling which can be a powerful motivator. That rush of emotion when you see that something you have built with your own hands is creating value, is worth a celebration.

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5. Expanding your team

Most entrepreneurs either start out alone or with a partner. When you grow up to the point that you can create jobs and opportunities for others, consider it a proud moment. Changing lives for the better is a great reward of one’s life.

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6. Building a great culture

When you have team members who have been with you for more than 5 years, it is because of the great work culture you have built for them in your company. They stay on because they have faith in you and what you are trying to accomplish, which is a source of great pride.

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7. Finishing a successful first year:

Your first successful anniversary of your business is a huge milestone, especially when you hear all around about high start up failure rates. Don’t let this milestone go without revelling in it; it can help motivate you so that you work towards feeling this way every year going ahead!

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Securing that funding

The relationship between entrepreneurs and VCs is always a love-hate relationship. But when you finally get that funding you have been spending sleepless nights over, working on presentations and pitches, well that moment is a moment of sweet, sweet pride.

An entrepreneur’s life is filled with highs and lows, but it can be the most rewarding experience of a lifetime so live every moment of it!

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