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Brand names and world of apparel

- 5 min read By Suchitra Sukumar

11 April, 2018

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Brand names and world of apparel

The global apparel market is valued at 3 trillion dollars, 3,000 billion, and accounts for 2 percent of the world's Gross Domestic Product (GDP). In such a vast category, the number of brands playing runs into millions.

Thus, coming up with a new brand name in the world of apparels is no mean task. Apparel brand names form one of the widest range in naming conventions - from brands that are named after famous designers, to Greek gods and goddesses, to descriptive names, names based on provenance to abbreviations that probably no one knows the full forms of!

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Change in this category, especially in fast-fashion, means that on a daily basis new players and new fads come and go. Domestic players enter global markets, and global players enter newer markets adding on to competition.

Globalisation has reduced the geographical distance between brands and people and today international brands are followed by people across the world.

Even naming conventions are expanding thanks to this - making the lives of people like us more exciting, if also adding more complications.

The aim of any desirable fashion brand is that it develops so much equity that the logo itself becomes like a badge or symbol that consumers want to flaunt.

There is also an increased focus on how immersive the experience is, which is why branding goes beyond having the right name and logo. The brand's colors, visual merchandising, customer service, partnerships and digital properties  - all of them need to be aligned in order to build a brand that pays off in the long run.

Here is a ready reckoner for successful apparel brands and their identities

First impressions - memorable names and logo

Short, quirky, innovative names that are easy to pronounce will also get you a matching URL. Consider Zivame, from which comes from the Hebrew word for radiance, Ziva, or Jabong, which is named after an evergreen plant, that gives the brand a youthful, fresh and vibrant personality.

Successful logos are those that are simple, classic and iconic. Create what is flexible and adaptable to fit any trend while remaining faithful to their constructed design base. Allen Solly’s stag finds a connect in today’s pop culture, while also being the symbol of Nottingham, where the brand was founded.

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A Good Brand Identity leads to a Clear Brand Manifesto
  • Are you clear on who you are, what your shared values are and what you are here to do?
  • Use social media to advance your brand manifesto and build an active community of people who are interested in what you stand up for.
  • Your brand partnerships, including pop-up stores and sponsorships, tell people something about you and your purpose.


The right identity correctly establishes the brand’s visual world

Is there a visual language that can go beyond the brand name and logo? With a brand identity and style that smartly uses colors, tone and imagery to cue the brand’s positioning, it would be easier to create a distinct world for your brand

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Branding informs UX, and UX influences branding

With the digital disruption, brands need to focus on user experience across all channels, just as they would in a store. Product searchability, colors, ease of finding information and customizability make the brand experience personal to everyone.

Remember, experience isn’t restricted to how people interact with your brand online. Here are a few out-of-the-box offline UX ideas:

  • Have a smart packaging design that makes it easier to unbox/open, and return if needed
  • Include a beautifully designed Thank You card that is on-brand, mentioning your social media handles
  • Make it easy to contact support, and train your support team to come across as natural and emphatic.
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And goes beyond being the face of the brand to also providing direction for strategic partnership and content

Pay attention to short URLs, shortened brand handle names, the logo versions, and the imagery styles.

What is the kind of content that should surround your brand? How premium should you be, versus how mass? This is best determined by looking at the other brands operating in the same price segment for catering to the same demographic target group.

In the highly cluttered and fast-changing world of apparel and fashion, a brand’s identity is like the nucleus around which the rest of the brand arranges itself - be it the design philosophy, the target mindset, the content strategy, and everything else.

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