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Keep ahead with the latest packaging trends

- 5 min read By Preetham Parvatam

27 November, 2019

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Keep ahead with the latest packaging trends

A good packaging design is all about appealing to a consumer’s sense of sight and touch to influence their buying habits. In this day and age, especially with FMCG brands, buyers are becoming more sophisticated and sensitive. They look for better designed, intuitive and environmentally responsible packaging. Keeping that in mind, here is our take on some global trends in packaging which are tailored based on the modern consumer’s buying habits:

1. Minimalism

Consumers have less trust in brands that fill their product packaging with too much information. The motto to remember here is, “less is more”. Minimalist packaging makes it easier for consumers to intake a product’s information in one go without being bothered with unseemly clutter. One of the examples is Soylent, selling meal replacement shake. The packaging looks fresh with simple design using minimal colors and text.

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2. Sustainability

Consumers these days are becoming more and more frustrated with the amount and type of packaging they have to throw away on a daily basis. Packaging which is environment friendly can go along way to stay ahead of your competition in the market.

E.g This design idea for Coca Cola packaging uses biodegradable material (sugar cane) and a collapsible, functional form which increases shelf life and shipping capacity.

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3. Photography

We all know the power of attractive images. Packaging which uses beautiful and innovative photography can make even the least interested consumer pause and look again.

E.g. Sprouts Baby Food cleverly uses photography of babies set in a gardening theme to highlight the freshness of the product.

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4. Interesting shapes and stories

Utilizing innovative shapes and materials can not only showcase the ingenuity of your product to the market but also give a boost to your brand identity. If your packaging is a standout shape…well, all that is left is to place your logo on!

E.g. Paperboat came out with Doypacks which had shapes designed to feel like squeezing a fruit, simple graphics and a delightful story to go along.

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5. Technology

A less explored area in packaging is the way it can enable customization of every consumption experience. Intricate design and technology can make this possible and catapult products to a game changer status.

E.g. The Kolibri beverage brand lets customers control the amount of sweetness in their drink using a sleek and technology-enabled design.


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With the advent of creativity and design in today’s world, brands have the freedom to really push their imaginations with packaging.  So, when it is time for you to think of packaging your product, have a look at these trends and see if you can spin yourself a new one!

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