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Start-Up Success: Why Focus on Branding from Day 1?

- 5 min read By Preetham Parvatam

30 January, 2018

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You may have thought branding is for big companies with bigger ideas and even bigger budgets. But think again - every day, over a thousand start-ups are being launched! Apart from having a great product or idea, it’s important to build a reputation. Simply put, have a long-term strategy to convey your start-up’s uniqueness, show your honesty and be memorable.

Here are some reasons why branding should be one of the first things you do:

Reason #1: Establish Why People Should Listen or Care About You
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Clearly define and communicate who you are and what problem you are trying to solve. Branding bridges the gap between what you think you are and how people perceive you.

Reason #2: Clarify How You Are Better Than Your Competition
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When choosing between options, people pick those they trust and like interacting with. Highlight your shared values, virtues and competitive advantage. This also makes buy-in from partners, staff, clients and other parties involved, easier!

Reason #3: Build Credibility from Quality and Consistency
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Studies show people like consistency in messaging and experience. Apart from the product and customer service, people also perceive quality in design and aesthetics. Reflect your brand’s core in your website experience, stationery, fonts, colours, tone and tenure of messages, and associations.

Reason #4: Make Your Business Look Bigger
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Remember, people perceive branded products and services to be better than their generic competitors. A professional tone, look and feel add to the uniqueness of your offering, making you look distinguished.

Reason #5: Leverage Emotional Connections to Build Loyalty
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Have a strong visual identity, memorable assets and consistently conveying your underlying shared values. The stronger the emotional connection, the longer people will stay with you. Oh also, they will tell their friends about you!

The bottom line is, if your business has a name, you have a brand. Handle it right!

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