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Has over a decade of experience as a Business & Marketing Growth Consultant with leading global brands like Adobe, IBM and Oracle. He is a Co-Founder of Winnerbrands and actively consults B2B startups


We’ve talked a lot about how creating the perfect name and a creative logo design is important for building your brand. But another thing which a lot of folks commonly let slip by is the effort to arrive at the right tagline for their brand.

“Just Do It”, “Because You’re Worth It”, “I’m Lovin’ It”, “Finger Lickin’ Good”, “Taste of India” “Think Different”

What do the above taglines have in common? They all instantly evoke in your mind the brand they are associated with. A tagline is the catchphrase that communicates what you want your customers to associate with your brand. It enables people to make lighthearted associations with your business. And if crafted with care, it can help keep your brand in the forefront of their minds until they are ready to buy!


  • Keep it short and sweet: Keep your tagline under 9 words. If Apple’s tagline had been “Think Different with our Computers” instead of just “Think Different”, it might have never caught on as one of the most popular taglines.
  • Consistency is key: Whether you are a small brand or a household name, you have to make sure your tagline complements your brand name, logo and projected image. For example, General Electric has the tagline “Imagination at Work”, which goes perfectly well with its powerful logo that showcases innovation and human imagination. All their products also celebrate this message with quality and creativity.
  • Think of longevity: Times change constantly and you have to be careful when creating your tagline so that it doesn’t compartmentalize itself only within a specific time. That’s why any reference to technology or words like “the only” are risky to use. For example, Verizons tagline is “Can You Hear Me Now? Good”, with the value message being uninterrupted cellphone service. Although they had a good run, when you really think about it, technology evolves every year and its only a matter of time before all cell phone calls become clear. Therefore, you have to keep in mind a tagline which stand strong irrespective of what age we are in. L’Oreals “Because You’re Worth It” is a timeless one.
  • Make it so that it can stand alone: Your tagline should not take time to be interpreted by the reader. It should tell your audience who you are and what you provide without any extra information. For example, BMWs “Designed For Driving Pleasure” reinforces the message that their cars biggest selling point is that they are performance vehicles that are thrilling to drive.
  • Keep your target audience in mind: You’ll need to consider whether your customers are local, national or international. For example, Philadelphia’s tagline is “PHL: Here for the Making” may confuse non-Philadelphia folk. Also, keep in mind that if your tagline is translated into another language, it can significantly change the meaning. KFC launched in China with a translated version of their standard tagline “Finger Lickin’ Good” which ended up reading as “Eat Your Fingers Off”. So take translation into consideration when you are crafting your tagline.
  • Prioritize what makes you different: What is your unique selling point? What makes your different from your competition? Focus on that. A good example of this is The New York Times tagline which was crafted in the late 1890’s – “All the News That’s Fit to Print”. It tells customers that the paper does not cater to lurid journalism but sticks to pure fact-based educational news. It’s also an example of a timeless tagline when you consider today’s wildly sensational news being circulated on every online and offline platform. Amongst all that, credibility is The New York Times unique selling point.
  • Ask for inputs: Creativity is a tough job. What can help you evaluate your tagline is by doing things like taking to social media with a Facebook or Twitter tagline contest. Track entries with a unique hashtag and take your followers opinions. This can also help your customers feel connected to your brand, with a feeling that they have helped shape its tagline.


Pockeats: This snack brand chose a simple and effective tagline for their products – “a pocketful of treats” which draws from the life experiences and childhood memories people have with snacks. Short and sweet, check!

Prashant Jewelers: This jewelry design brand’s tagline is unique and interesting. It says “sajaaye anmol pal” which means “embellishing unique moments”, perfect to appeal to the customer’s sense of sentimental value!

Genomics: This infertility and test tube center chose a tagline keeping in focus their target audience of potential mothers and young families. “The promise of motherhood” not only builds a sense of credibility in the brand and also immediately puts forth the its selling point.

Timelee Spaces: This online hospitality brand’s tagline reads “The Hourly Way” which is apt for the service they offer, which is solving the problem of paying 24 hour rentals in hotels even if the stay is only for half a day or a few hours. The tagline is timeless and prioritizes what makes the brand’s service different from others.

Forturay Builders LLP: This private infrastructure company decided to go with the tagline “crafting your dream spaces”, keeping in mind their target of middle-class and upper middle-class Indian households. In todays world, the purchase of a new home is equally important as customizing the design exactly according to your likes and dislikes. This tagline reinforces that message in an attractive manner.

Overall, your tagline is like the glue that holds your brand together. It will stick around in customers minds long after they have interacted with your brand and will keep reminding them why they should choose you and not someone else. It can also be the basis for some very creative marketing campaigns!

Let the team at WinnerBrands help you craft a winning tagline that fits your brand perfectly. Give us a call today!

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Preetham Parvatam


Has over a decade of experience as a Business & Marketing Growth Consultant with leading global brands like Adobe, IBM and Oracle. He is a Co-Founder of Winnerbrands and actively consults B2B startups

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